Different kinds of plywood

Plywood is the most popular ingredient in the making home and other wooden structure. Plywood is the top choice of the woodworker for its lightweight and availability nature. Plywood is generally made from the pieces of the wooden sheet which are glued together to make a strong sheet. Plywood is used for various purposes. From home remodeling to the boat building, everywhere plywood is being used widely by the woodworkers, architects and interior designers. The most common reasons for using plywood in many areas are its availability and affordability. It is more affordable than the solid wooden things and can be used anywhere in the replacement of wood. So if you think the cost of wooden things is higher than your budget, you may consider using plywood there.

There are different types of plywood which are being used for the different purposes. The plywood which is used to building home is different from the plywood used in building a boat. Generally, in boat building, water proof plywood are used which can’t do any harm of the boat in the water. In the home, fire resistant plywood is used so that fire can’t burn the house made with plywood. Here I am giving a brief description of different types of plywood:

Hardwood (high density) plywood:

Hardwood plywood is used in constructing the floor or base of any structure. It ensures the heavy fitness and durability of the structure. To build a strong wall and floor hardwood is being used widely. Hardwood plywood is made from the angiosperm trees which are very strong in nature. So if you want to build high-density structure or wall, you should use hardwood plywood.

Softwood plywood:

Softwood plywood is made from the pine or cedar or douglas fir trees. Softwood plywood is widely used for the construction purposes mostly for the roofing. From the name, it can be told that it is not high duty plywood. So where you need the thick wooden materials, you can use softwood plywood.

Flexible plywood:

For the woodworking projects, where the wood can be bent over and given different shapes, flexible plywood is suitable there. After giving the shape, the plywood is glued to give the final shape. Flexible plywood can also be known as decorative plywood. To decorate different furniture and spaces, flexible plywood is used.

Marine plywood:

Marine plywood is extremely durable components under the water. It is water resistant and wet protector, so the things made of marine plywood lasts long in close touch of the water.

Aircraft plywood:

Aircraft plywood is also known as high-performance plywood which is made from the mahogany wood mostly collected from the Africa. These plywood are highly strong and used as a base of the structure.

So these are the few basic types of plywood which woodworkers and constructor frequently use for their work.

How to Choose the Right Plywood Grade

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